Swedish clothing designer Alexandra Höjer started her eponymous label in 2006 when she moved to Cape Town.

Her Atelier on Bree Street is divided into shop and studio and shares the creative process with clients through the industrial glass division that separates the two spaces. This beautiful space is home to both her own label and the METRO= menswear range.



Barry Armitage began his clothing design career in Durban in the late 1980’s winning two South African fashion awards before leaving South Africa to settle in Spain where he lived for 15 years. 

Cape Town became home in 2009 and through a series of events a challenge to develop the perfect pair of riding jeans drew him back to his old craft.


Alex & Barry launched METRO= in Cape Town in July 2017, a distillation of their evolved personal styles. At the core is a focus on practical, well cut, work-wear inspired garments made by their skilled in-house team. A focus on handmade, small production quantities of carefully crafted garments allows the brand to constantly evolve. It is all about a desire to step back to the core of making, the crafted and the soulful.